Sometimes you know what you want to accomplish, but you just don’t know exactly how to get there. This is where strategy comes into play. Think of strategy as a GPS to help you achieve your mission and get to your end game.

Our experience allows us to work with businesses of all sizes to get crystal clear on defining what we call ‘The Big 3’:

  1. Their why
  2. Their goals 
  3. Their customers’ experience

Importantly, we can do this regardless of whether you’ve been in business for decades or days. 

How We Help You Strategize



How can you stand out against the competition? How can your audience support you and resonate with your brand message if they can’t find you?

We think of positioning as the essence of branding. Positioning not only defines your brand and its importance to the market, but it also creates your competitive advantage by differentiating you from your competitors and building an emotional connection with your audience. Your positioning builds a lasting perception in the minds of your customers AND your competition.


User Profiles & Journeys

Understanding your customer is critical to your success, so we start by defining your customer segments before we create user profiles to hone in on the expectations of your target demographics. Afterwards, we work on creating engagement journeys that include all the touchpoints where your customers might interact with your brand. This step is critical for us to gain an understanding of the functionality your customers require so we can alleviate some of their pain points.


Customer and Revenue Segmentation

In much the same way we break down your target demographic into different segments, we also segment your revenue streams within these demographics. Doing this helps us pinpoint customers’ needs, while also identifying areas for potential growth. By studying these groups, we can help you find your competitive advantage by satisfying your customers’ needs that the rest of the market left unfulfilled.


Competitive Audit

Proper positioning requires an audit of the competitive landscape, so we do a thorough competitive analysis to understand not only your brand’s strengths and weaknesses but also the market opportunities and threats that can impact your business. Understanding the market is the first step to making the strategic decisions that can help you grow your brand.

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