Insight Chicago Hospital

Strategy, Digital Marketing & Web Design

DLP helped Insight Hospital create a powerful brand message that has resonated with the local community and has helped recruit talented medical professionals to work in the hospital so that the hospital’s aim of providing world-class care can be achieved and maintained sustainably into the future. 

The Challenge

Insight Hospital and Medical Center Chicago is a non-profit organization serving Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood. As a safety net hospital, Insight provides healthcare to all people, regardless of circumstance. Their mission is to provide world-class compassionate care to every patient who enters their doors.

Insight Hospital is a new entity that took over the operations of what was formerly known as Mercy Hospital, one of the oldest hospitals in the country, in 2021. As a new organization, Insight is facing several challenges, including branding, positioning, financial efficiency, and staffing top talent.

Our Approach

Because Insight Hospital is still a fledgling operation, the audit process was pretty straightforward. We took inventory of the organization’s existing assets and sat with the Board of Directors to determine their vision, mission, and core values, and from there we were able to conceptualize an approach that would encapsulate these elements in a brand identity that would set them apart from other hospitals in the region. 

Then we met with members of the Board of Directors to get alignment on a granular level so we could then make recommendations for a strategic plan that would help them achieve their immediate goals. Once we had their buy-in, the implementation began in earnest.

The Implementation

The Insight Hospital project kicked off with a branding redesign so that we could position the hospital as something “old but new”, leveraging the community’s history with the previous hospital, while positioning Insight as a new neighbor that carries the sincere compassion for the community that its predecessor was known for. The rebranding effort impacted everything, from graphics, to social media presence, and even the educational materials that were developed for the community and distributed in both Spanish and Chinese. We also launched a podcast and webinar series for the hospital as a way to broaden the audience and passively attract skilled physicians and researchers to join the team.

We had major concerns about the performance of the existing website, so we completely redesigned the website and implemented an SEO campaign that led to a 350% increase in traffic to the website. This stat is significant because we addressed the staffing issue by creating an application system on the website, so the increase in website traffic also led to a dramatic increase in job applicants for the hospital.

While Insight Hospital needs to recruit for all positions, the most critical staffing need was for qualified and experienced nurses. We did deep research and learned that burnout was a major reason so many nurses around the country are leaving their jobs, so we launched a campaign to improve the staff experience at Insight Hospital. 

For the nurses, we advocated for better pay, benefits, and a bigger sign on bonus, and we also were able to reduce the hospital’s reliance on agency and travel nurses. We ran data-based ad campaigns to recruit nurses directly to the hospital, and successfully onboarding new cohorts of nurses has resulted in a salary cost reduction of $1.4 million per month for the hospital.

The Results

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