DLP Academy

Branding, Web Design

DLP designed the website, learning management system and app for DLP Academy, an organization working to provide teachers, leaders and parents with free resources.

The Project

DLP Academy is a one-stop online learning solution to help individuals become better at what they do. It offers learning material specifically designed for educators, educational leaders, and parents from industry experts. The academy consists of a learning management system (LMS) to allow users to take courses within the same website, as well as an app for easy accessibility of the learning material. DLP developed lively branding and an eye-catching website, while also developing a functional LMS and app to allow for easy learning. 

The Process

DLP Academy is more than just a website. It’s a learning community. To achieve the goals for this project, we had to create a branding guideline, a website that captured the interest of the academy’s ideal learners, and also a learning management system that allowed for a seamless experience. We envisioned a bright and vibrant site that showcased what a learner’s full potential could look like. We turned this into a smooth process that allowed for the learner to sign up, join the community, and start learning immediately. 

The Results

DLP Academy’s vision of having a learning community full of like-minded individuals who want the resources to become better at what they do became a reality with their new website and LMS. We created a logo and branding guide that embodied the life and vibrancy of this project. The website not only grabs users’ attention, but it is full of smooth processes that allow users to become learners within a few clicks. DLP Academy has almost 400 learners now, and that number is still growing. Our LMS allows learners to track their progress, learn from anywhere with our custom app and interact with other members though discussion boards and forums. We have also successfully run ads for DLP Academy to help their site reach users across the globe. 

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